Current Championship Race Itinerary

Formula Renault

Race Date Track Laps/Time Time & Weather
1 9th April Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP 32 Laps 13:00 - Clear
2 16th April Autodromo Nazionale Monza GP 30 Laps 13:00 - Light Cloud >> Clear
3 23rd April Red Bull Ring GP 2 x 16 Lap sprints 14:00 - Clear
4 30th April Sakkito GP 31 Laps 16:00 - Clear
5 7th May Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps GP 30 Laps (1 hour) 10:00 - Clear
6 14th May Silverstone GP 28 Laps 13:00 - Clear >> Light Cloud >> Light Rain >> Clear
7 21st May Nürburgring GP 28 Laps 15:00 - Light Rain
8 28th May Azure Circuit 45 Laps 13:00 - Clear

Current Championship Leaderboards

Pos Racer Points Fastest Laps
1Miki Jan One1545
3David Walters743
6Mivec 5RS48.50
18That R00

Current Championship Team Leaderboards

Pos Team Points
1Miki Jan One and Zecrac - 210
2Philipjip and =EV= - 160
3Mivec 5RS and Prom - 64.5
4Pille and Marbeckhous - 44
5TrApT93 and RedPhoenixZA - 27

Current Championship Race Stats

1 - Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP

2 - Autodromo Nazionale Monza GP

3 - Red Bull Ring GP - 1st Sprint

3 - Red Bull Ring GP - 2nd Sprint

4 - Sakitto GP

5 - Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps GP

6 - Silverstone GP

7 - Nürburgring GP

Funday Championship Race Itinerary

Mitsubishi Evo VI T.M.E.

Race Date Track Laps/Time Time & Weather
1 2nd September Donington Park National 30 Minutes Spring, Light Rain, 15:00(In game), Default setups
2 23 September Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya National 30 Minutes Summer, Clear, 20:00(In game), Default setups
3 30th September Oulton Park International 30 Minutes Autumn, Thunderstorm, 14:00(In game),Default setups
4 7th October Red Bull Ring National 30 Minutes Winter, Snow, 10:00(In game),Default setups

Funday Championship Leaderboards

Mitsubishi Evo VI T.M.E.

Pos Racer Points
1 K3F0R 86pts
2 =EV= 64pts
3 David Walters 58pts
4 Smiteme 46pts
5 Zecrac 35pts
6 Peterson 15pts
7 Prom 12pts
8 Crunchie 10pts
9 Bogosero JP 10pts

Funday Championship Race Stats

1 - Donington Park National

2 - Didn't save :(

3 - Oulton Park International

4 - Red Bull Ring National

Members You Tube Pages

About Us

We are Project Cars 2 Racing Group, a virtual racing group based in Steam.

We have been in existence since August 2017: a month
before Project CARS2 was released by Slightly Mad Studios.
The group was founded by PROM with the help of some mates who had
competed together in other Steam racing groups. These became the group's admins.
The group was setup to promote fair but enjoyable online racing which we feel has been achieved.

As of July 2018 we have over 110 members with a core of active racers competing most weeks.
Group activity revolves around two active racing series as any one time. The primary series is a
'serious' race consisting of 45 minute long race with qualifying and practice. In this series full damage,
variable weather, car setups, rules and flags are all used. Cars used so far are:

  • GT4
  • GT5
  • Formula Renault
  • Renault Clio Cup
  • GT3
  • Formula C

The secondary series is a Sunday Fun Race where default setups, no damage and clear weather are used.
There is no qualification and races typically last 30 minutes. Previous cars in this series have been:

  • Ford Escort RS1600
  • Honda Concept 2&4
  • Lotus Ford 40
  • Mini Clubman RX
  • Mitsubishi Evo VI T.M.E.

Details of both these current series are available on the front page of this site. We have
race stewards and moderators to iron out any problems in-race and otherwise. Thankfully they
are seldom required to be used as generally we have competitive but fair drivers in our roster.

If this sounds up your street then membership although currently by invite, is encouraged. Potential members are encouraged to enquire of any of the group admins about membership of PC2RG.